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Failed by one point during driving exam.
Failed by one point during driving exam.
Cussing is for fucking dorks.
RT @spleenXpuncher: That’s Vincent Adultman and he’s doing a business
@AvaGordy This ones good.
Just posted a video
RT @midwestern_ope: Ope | 👀 | \ / ____| |_____ / ✊__/ \_✊ hold on lemme just | 👀 | \ / ____|…
@ZacharyLevi just seems like a really rad and genuine dude. Plus he was in Fallout New Vegas, he’s allowed to be my friend.
Kith my ath
@SturmBrett Shit the fuck up you unthankful troll whore.
@SturmBrett I will hunt you till the ends of the earth, and strike you down.
By fuck shit up, do you mean you’ll go?
RT @BeefedUpStud: I can’t get any privacy in this house
I think my favorite aspect of Apple Music is that it rarely works. Makes for an adventurous day!