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RT @bellaFNdonna: I be wanting to tweet deep shit about life, but I don’t because it’s so scary
RT @nocontextdrumar: Too many non-Africans infiltrating this page has forced me to retire as the admin. 👋🏾
RT @Al_Ally: As a man, Women can’t be your only motivation. I can’t respect a “where the b**chs at” dude
@naishavenaeee Yea he might a cheated idk they wasn’t married for 25 years tho imagine if future would of told her… https://t.co/bcEJdY9V7a
😭😭😭😭chill once u reach the “babymomma” level you done up https://t.co/9kJsVZA2IC
RT @Abdithugger: When she tweets “I’m bored someone text me” but you been texting her https://t.co/bDNZxt6wfk
It’s a un spoken rule In rap, nobody could speak on how ass E-40 was, He the OG tho 🤣🤣💪🏾 https://t.co/uAtVEJdqir
RT @Moebeatsz3: You really have to hire a lawyer just to get a faster family court date. @GovMurphy you need to fix this shit in family cou…
@naishavenaeee Idk him and Ciara personal business it wasn’t on the street like that lol so idk but jada worst cuz… https://t.co/m6rp3wF0jN