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RT @MikeGapes: When I joined the Labour Party in 1968. I joined a political party not a Stalinist leadership cult.
@PhilipT53955385 @matsteiner @labourpress The clear logical problem with your argument is that about 90% of Labour… https://t.co/oSexxhgcB8
RT @matsteiner: @PhilipT53955385 @eyejosh @labourpress Then so be it - all politicians should put country before party
@guyverhofstadt @eucopresident OK Guy - but what do YOU do personally when the government of an EU State tries to u… https://t.co/admL01W6k2
@metpoliceuk @UKParliament Do you agree with about 300 MPs that a group of very determined people should have simpl… https://t.co/GWEbfXcQEQ
@AndrewStoneman @ChargedQuark You seem to have overlooked the known fact that the 2016 EU leave vote in now known,… https://t.co/xG9Q1AjUh9
@catherinemep @kazjohnson This is astonishing Catherine - do you know who took the actual decision ?
RT @catherinemep: I will be writing to the Oxford University Chancellor on Monday about this event. It is simply unjustifiable to drop me b…
@JKLDNMAD @Keir_Starmer @tom_watson That is EXACTLY what they are doing, JK . It is utterly astonishing that so… https://t.co/2TdcthzY51
@nickreeves9876 It could in fact be rather worse than that, Nick. The Met began investigating May for bribing the D… https://t.co/O4DI8zmuco
RT @nickreeves9876: Theresa May appears to be covering up #Brexit electoral crime and Russian interference. A real opposition leader would…
@plupples @PhilMorandi @theresa_may May has very clearly lost touch with reality now.
@labourpress Your basic problem is that Jeremy Corbyn still supports the racist,fascist,liars,criminals project kno… https://t.co/QeZMm87h1M
@ChrisStirk @GeraintDaviesMP @Byline_Media @peterjukes That is a very good question. Around 300 "brexit" MPs are… https://t.co/LSYTERrnxB
@GeraintDaviesMP @Byline_Media This is the BIGGEST UK Parliamentary scandal of all time. Also ,the Met started to… https://t.co/jhCCJkHOWh
RT @GeraintDaviesMP: Brexit was illegal. Now Met Police accused of ‘Cover-Up’ in Investigating Brexit Crimes with 14 senior political figur…