faith_matthews (@faith_matthews)

RT @reveluxe: wish i wasn't screaming over how cute she is
RT @camerondallas: Why haven’t I met you
RT @vic_moser: I’m sorry but if you have to go through your significants others phone for any reason you should NOT be with them
RT @hyojinpictures: #7yearswithEXID ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
RT @hyelin: who remembers this SERVE
RT @wenrene__: irene: *inhales* irene: 3 MORE FCKING DAYS WENDY'S HOUSE I'M COMING
RT @hyelin: listen to that note i swear to god i NEED her to sing an ost or have her own single or post more videos like this ANYTHING http…
RT @lqexceed: princess of my life
RT @hanispics: 190214 ♡ #하니
RT @bjhdaily: irene wanted to be an announcer in the past and now she gets to act like a news anchor 💗
RT @wenrene__: her "Really Bad Boy" and her loud ass laugh after that.
RT @wancheeks: wendy’s “oh!” when she realized that the fans were singing happy birthday to her is so cute
RT @hyelin: nico nico ni !!!!!!