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RT @bubbleflexe: this clip was very distracting when editing (in a good way) like i'd stop to watch it ~10 times before continuing https://…
RT @stxrryjeon: Can we just stop for a second and pls look at Jungkook’s bright bunny teeth smile
RT @holyhwasaa: solar was like if your kpop boys can do this i can do it too
RT @ultseul: who remembers the peekaboo english demo... what i wouldn't give to hear the girls sing this
RT @_nufocity: things that DON’T make you ugly - acne - being over/under weight - scars - stretch marks - crooked/yellow teeth - body hair…
RT @stxrryjeon: I think I should stop with saying bts are the princes of pop but bts are princes of pop and it’s that bts are the princes o…
RT @bts_bighit: [#오늘의방탄] 신나는 토요일 불타는 방탄! 🔥 음악중심에서 컴백한 #방탄소년단 아미의 전부를 함께하고 싶어~😘💜 #작은것들을위한시 #상탄소년단
RT @247jimin: the boy can sure move 🤤
RT @247jimin: oh my god my heart just did a thing
RT @stxrryjeon: I will never forget u, peach/blonde haired Jungkook during sunrise
RT @isabelaseraffim: I fucking love this bitch
RT @joohyunisabae: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😭
RT @wenrene_daily: Wow wendy is so lucky
RT @JeffreeStar: Some people are really afraid of the truth. Can’t relate.
RT @247jimin: his movements are as smooth as warm butter
RT @FAEJlMIN: this seokjin compilation is scientifically proven to brighten your day