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Here's why @Upscale_Vandal deems himself the "Anthony Bourdain of the hood" #BlueMoonxFWF
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RT @neiltyson: To be scientifically literate is to empower yourself to know when someone else is full of shit.
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A suds-soaked roadmap of 20 bucket-list dive bars for the professional barfly. Bottoms up:
We put to rest the biggest misconceptions about hamburgers in America.:
What is a proper Jamaican beef patty? We got the folks who know it best to weigh in. #FoodGrails. #BlueMoonxFWF
We assembled BBQ connoisseurs to rank the best barbecue from each of the 50 States:
We breakdown the catchphrases and rhyme schemes of the Food Network legend @GuyFieri:
RT @PengestMunch: @DJClarkKent @Missinfo @Upscale_Vandal @firstwefeast @N_C_B @JLaPuma 💯, when did beef disc's become "patties"?
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The 10 Dishes That Made My Career: Jeremiah Tower:
These are our favorite LA taco spots :
RT @JustinBolois: If you think a patty is a patty is a're dead wrong. Find out more in our latest ep. of #FoodGrails --> https:…
Anthony Bourdain explains why kobe sliders are the worst dish in America:
Before tonight's premiere of @FoxTV's "Love Connection" see host @Andy Cohen take on the wings of death:…
Watch @DJClarkKent rep hard for the REAL beef patties of NYC. #BlueMoonxFWF
Watch @Bravotv's @Andy Cohen suffer through the #HotOnes challenge:
Here are the 10 hottest sauces on the market right now: