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Lived with Bancroft all my life but don't do vile
Well, I'd like to see Jofra Archer bowl that fast in a third or fourth spell! *Archer nearly kills a man in his thi… https://t.co/HeeH6eZAk0
RT @Mesut_Ausil: Stokes hitting the ball like it's a drunk guy backing away from him at 3am
flossed my teeth for an unnecessarily long time near the end. We all played a role in this result
Bananaclass from Siddle
RT @neiljonesgoal: Klopp post-match. "I said before the game that this looks like the biggest banana skin in history, everyone was waiting…
Howls, you say? There'd better be some derision to go with those!
Give him the ball, and he'll score half the time
How many times do you need to see the reds play crap and win anyway before you trust them to do so?
Spent over two hours on buses today. Less full of rage than you might expect
RT @mattiecamp: Only a few cms from the spot that killed Phil Hughes. And Archer and Buttler laughing and smirking while Smith is on the gr…
Watching this on mute soundtracked by some Avalanches https://t.co/NiLtKWbAlX
On at the Loft tonight. 8:30
Archer and Woakes were too short then. They'll be glad Warner's gone but think England missed a trick
One of our new songs has a riff which is tiring to play repeatedly. Could've worked on left hand muscle strength, j… https://t.co/l3HqY9sTdV
Thought Paine should've opted to bat. Shows what I know, exhibit 109
Aussies win the 1st test, win the toss in the 2nd test and bowl first? Nah, can't think of any precedents to suggest this is doomed
Please refrain from encouraging Pauline with attention. No-one's "winning the internet sir" by engaging with her
@cookieboyadam Cheers Adam :) I'm taking it well - annoying but not day-ruining. And given how hectic the weekend w… https://t.co/WVomkS2PlM