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@jasminericegirl Smart people use a vocabulary they know their audience can easily understand
RT @arbybeast: lmao what do the cops have on KDKA that they keep doing this
RT @EdMarkey: My bill with @kamalaharris and @berniesanders to give everyone $2,000/month until the end of this crisis (and 3 months after)…
RT @MonicaCKlein: .@timesunion ed board: @NYGovCuomo's refusal to tax rich is "logic worthy of a tea party acolyte"
@btpanko @Mark55____ She lives on the north side iirc
@btpanko @Mark55____ The rumors are county councilor liv bennet who would be fantastic
RT @4st8: I think Toomey's unwillingness to even consider emergency relief to states and localities will be his undoing in 2022. PA has 500…
@ChazNuttycombe Progressives swept all seriously contested races in the pa leg
RT @AsiaBoomin: these two opposite shows. I need both
RT @generalslug: sorry but i will die before i let this WASP twink tell me a single thing
@Mark55____ Yeah it seemed like he just wanted to add freshmen from safe districts but left off a bunch
7 year old me really had the biggest crush on Jake t Austin
RT @ruraljuror__: replace Ellen with Tiffany Pollard