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wait for a surprise
Baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean!
Satan when he watched Eve eat that apple
“You deleted my number?” I deleted the text thread that gave me clues to who you were. Your number was never saved.
“I think this cat is broken”
“Why are you so obsessed with Disney? It’s for kids.” First of all, bippity boppity back the fuck up.
person: lmao how are you so funny? me:
this is one of the best Disney Parks ads ever made
when you read a text and you’re like “see this is why I don’t reply back”
"Do you have any experience working as a cashier"? Me:
when you spend all night chasing people in their nightmares but nobody asks you about chasing your dreams
I need a boo so we can choreograph cute shit like this
You gotta see the reaction when this German Shepard realizes his owner isn't behind him...
The help (2011)
If you don't think insects can be cute, you haven't seen baby orchid mantises...I mean, look how adorable!
"I don't dance" First of all, I know you can.