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Akon "if ya lookin' for me I'll be on the block, with my thang cocked possibly sittin' on a drop, cause I'm a rider…
this promposal is so beautiful
When you think u got life figured out...
Kindergarten teachers in 2023 lookin at their attendance sheet and seeing "Wakanda Williams"
she can’t pick .... me either sis
his reaction has me crying
Chadwick Boseman but it’s just 43 seconds of him laughing
Everyone who saw Fergie sing the National Anthem please look directly into your phone. You're welcome
Drinking game: take a shot every time Shawn says “yeah” in an interview (don't do this you’ll die)
"Me with my friends that know what they’re doing with their life"
@MarisAlvarez_ sis i had it turned down to one bar and my headphones half out 💜💜
Waking up a bunny with an air horn 💀
This is the most frustrating gif I've ever seen in my life
"me when i wake up in the afternoon and miss breakfast and Iunch"
Hair dryer, 1920s
@selinaannn 🦄👾💜🦄👾💜🦄👾💜🦄👾💜