grabmylongboat (@grabmylongboat)

I can’t take this I’m deleting twitter again
@bstholder is the only reason I still have twitter
The comic is still an abhorrent pile of dogshit tho
This new episode of the boys is pretty good so far
@fanvax They literally make up shit for clicks
People be listening to lil tecca💀
RT @bstholder: The Harley Quinn show is boring as FUCK holy shit
With that being said, why the fuck was James harden a finalist over kawhi when he had entire months of having a sub…
I like Lebron but people need to remember mvp is a regular season award, postseason has nothing to do with it
Damn Trump actually banned tiktok💀
I really really wish nikola Jokic had social media I feel like it would be 2013 Lebron on Instagram levels of funny
My timing for rejoining twitter was truly impeccable
RT @HoodieAIex: How you 15 years old in 2020
RT @Diamontetwelve: “It’s not just a gaming system, you can watch your makeup vids too. Realistically it’s our PS5, you said I’ve been goin…
RT @TopBallCoverage: “You can’t tell me it was all about chemistry. Their cross town rival has a brand new coach in Frank Vogel. They’ve go…
@DiscussingFilm @Shudder I thought you meant the next saw movie and I was like “THEY RELEASED IT”
If you run an account dedicated to hating on a person or a thing you’re a loser
RT @SASBurnerAcct: Lakers fans when they lose Game 1 as per then go up 3-1 on the Nuggets