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RT @glockfort: Clapper: Brennan's rhetoric is becoming an issue https://t.co/3cmYhtfuno
@glockfort @YahooNews Politics and the speech is a "BUBBLE" -- an illision maintained by years of power and support… https://t.co/2H5Ol2AR1n
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@cjzero @lancewarchibald Done with NFL FOOTBALL -- rediculous
RT @Denlesks: No idea who that cop is but if a NFL team doesn’t sign him this week they’re idiots https://t.co/DqquziInup
@UVACoachAtuaia @Coach_Sooto Guess his assets outweigh his past -- recruited and played for BRONCO at BYU -- guess… https://t.co/UHTRtB21Wf
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RT @GovMikeHuckabee: Media going crazy over why @realDonaldTrump doesn't have a dog. Can't say, but I do know why he doesn't have a parrot:…
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RT @thejackwang: Chargers CB Michael Davis wanted to become a better tackler. So, he took wrestling classes twice a week this offseason. ht…
RT @PaulFox13: I love #Florida. Grandma getting some fresh air in wheelchair in back of pick-up truck on Fowler. "Hello Kitty" air freshene…
@OnlyOne_Tk @Coach_JJAnders you earned it from your TEAM -- congratulations
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@GabeWhoDat @CougarStats The only thing worse than a rash promise is KEEPING IT --LOL
@MrEdTrain @20WIN12 a young PATRIOT --
RT @IngrahamAngle: U.S. Steel to invest $750 million to revitalize flagship Gary plant in wake of Trump tariffs https://t.co/naN8HzGeGB
@20WIN12 @UVACoachBronco consistant winning in the ACC goes hand in hand with recruiting and winning. THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE!
@AJGuglielmi Let me guess unregistered weapon.