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RT @demarionunn: happy father’s day to my dad, pictured here enjoying a cheeky well-deserved glass of wine at home! https://t.co/9g7iZw9ndQ
RT @NathanAClark: The 69th goal of the WWC has been scored at Nice's stadium.
RT @sivemortenlol: Just realised these emojis 🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️ are to represent blood types. But here I am using them to spell ‘beans’ like 🅱️eans.
RT @joelgolby: something so squalid about making tea with a tablespoon. get ur life together man
@DMFv2 We Are Marshall, Remember The Titans, Moneyball
RT @ShoRizzy: Maura is getting Tommy to lock off Molly Mae whilst wearing her jacket. She might be the 🐐. #loveisland
RT @NewsAssociates: Meet @AhmedShooble! 👋 Ahmed is an aspiring sports journalist and role model to young people from minority backgrounds.…
RT @JaimeBanister: Life is short, remember to stop and smell the flowers every chance you get https://t.co/GhMlqAauev
RT @AliquamScripto: Tommy said 560 degrees! That’s 3 turns and he’s already turning back. This guy is unpredictable
Molly mae could feasibly the worst human being on planet earth
RT @StuJRichards: the Wikipedia page for France winger Delphine Cascarino saw me coming a mile off #WWC2019 https://t.co/gPTLfIElv7