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The latest episode of ONE Weekly is live! 💙 In this episode, we will talk about our mainnet upgrade, decentralized… https://t.co/yCNipKkKSZ
#HarmonyONE will undergo a network upgrade today, with the release featuring various changes regarding validators,… https://t.co/VyYaSnjXLc
6/ The #HarmonyONE ZKU has already completed two cohorts, with the third already underway. Join us, for high-quali… https://t.co/d4vanBLmlQ
5/ The course is taught by a diverse & highly experienced teaching staff, spread over borders but connected through… https://t.co/9u4LBiFjgZ
4/ To graduate, the participants have to deploy their own usable ZK products on testnet. Our graduates have alread… https://t.co/fJPsoFdmN5
3/ While the course is entirely free for participants, it also incentivizes learning and provides grants to student… https://t.co/WwYxOU2Ag3
2/ This 7-week program is designed for students who are comfortable with programming and are willing to learn.… https://t.co/NjcZAC8Hfv
1/ At Harmony, we are building an ecosystem that enables researchers, practitioners and developers to thrive expone… https://t.co/vr37H0qxF3
As the Harmony 1Wallet goes into beta, users will soon be able to enjoy a wallet that promises exciting social feat… https://t.co/PwKfB9rP7J
RT @cryptocom: https://t.co/vCNztATSCO is supporting @harmonyprotocol’s mainnet upgrade and hard fork. $ONE deposits/withdrawals will be…
RT @Momentum_6: A 🧵 about @Momentum_6 portfolio company @hermesdefi, a protocol building a cutting-edge suite of DeFi tools and making them…
RT @lijiang2087: excited for @harmonyprotocol's Mainnet Release 4.3.9 https://t.co/YqzpXgPZGa tons of great technical progress on decent…
The #HarmonyONE team will be at The Graph's (@graphprotocol) Graph Hack event as one of the sponsors. Come, join u… https://t.co/wLijwGU3kt
RT @BinanceUS: https://t.co/AZwoBOgsqS will support the upcoming Harmony (ONE) network upgrade, which is estimated to occur on May 27 at ap…
The 1Wallet (@1walletxyz) is ⚡Fast 👥Social 🔒Secure And now, it has gone into beta. Join the waitlist today!… https://t.co/P7ibPGLgSL
#HarmonyONE will undergo a network upgrade on Friday, 27 May 2022 at 18:15:02 GMT with a 2s block time. This manda… https://t.co/2UiBUKkRMU
The nobank (@nobankfinance) non-custodial, smart wallet with advanced security & social recovery is now going into… https://t.co/rJRdpvfu6B
6/ With an effective cross-shard messaging protocol and a fully-meshed design, shards will be able to undergo seaml… https://t.co/pOfSSR7IrF
5/ With its shard-based approach, Harmony impeccably handles millions of transactions every day. But as we scale f… https://t.co/OIucGlCh5K
4/ Even though sharding is a scalable solution that limits data availability, consensus & execution to a particular… https://t.co/lkkI0d3byL