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RT @dannyroa: Somebody filed a trademark infringement on an app that has been on @GooglePlay for over 7 years. No deliberation. Automatic…
RT @dannyroa: It's time for another campaign to reverse an auto app removal on @GooglePlay & save a business (though it might be too late).…
@steve_holt One of my faves. Love the feel of that model.
@steve_holt Niiiiiiiiiiice
@steve_holt Whatcha got there, Steve?
@jackbrewster @jamiepinkham It's a milestone, Mr Pinkham. Hope you're havin a great time.
@caseyliss Or … AirPods 2 are ready, but can't ship, because the fact that there is no longer a case reveals that t… https://t.co/tmkwAk9Cdv
I have a new keyboard today. I may be unusually happy for a few days. Apologies in advance.
RT @UINT_MIN: Roses are red Violets are blue The build is broken Because of you
@reneritchie I'm one of the lucky few who 1) have a separate machine for work, 2) I am logged into iCloud with my d… https://t.co/vNfOFOf9yU
A helpful tip for Apple developers from @kylesethgray https://t.co/AqGf6oaVuJ via @emarley
RT @GeekAndDad: Note: I’m all for 2FA requirement, but use Authenticator app or 1Password or something that supports multiple accounts!
RT @GeekAndDad: This sucks. I have multiple companies with their own dev account, one development machine shared by all three, and you can…
RT @geekgirlweb: Lovely folks, I'm actively seeking a new Technical Product Manager, Sr Product Manager or Product Owner roles. I'm based…
@ctp It makes me feel better to hear YOU say that. ;)
RT @joshdholtz: 🚨 PSA: All @FastlaneTools users who use “team_id” for match, sigh, cert, produce and other tools that required a “Developer…
RT @viticci: Apple recently made a change (seems iOS 12.1.4 and 12.2 beta) to make it easier to manage subscriptions for iOS apps. Now you…
@DexterTalbert Great point. Also, I note how you responded with a very confident tone, using I in every sentence.… https://t.co/oWc7IRudiy
The difference is looking like a belligerent jerk, or looking like someone thoughtful and confident. It's become… https://t.co/lbNTDzVTNI