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@bascule @ManishEarth @sgrif it seems like that comment focuses on automatically replacing / with _, which indeed s… https://t.co/MZVDCAbW4p
@bascule @ManishEarth I mean, it's nice, but preventing the intended users of a feature from using it seems like a blocker to me.
@CJHandmer @outlawpoet @terraformedmars Out of curiosity, what are you hoping to do with a TB of memory? Run a climate simulator?
@bascule @ManishEarth Requiring full control of the `foo-*` crates is too restrictive, since it means you're inelig… https://t.co/pB2Uqtbcyh
@bascule @ManishEarth my preference is to allow slashes in crate names, so that the owner of the `foo` crate can cr… https://t.co/jVkJfMkrsP
RT @MBridegam: This record of San Franciscans denouncing their neighbors more than 140,000 times for being homeless (plus likely more among…
@CJHandmer @terraformedmars EC2 gives you all of this out of the box except probably X11 forwarding
“To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, ALBERT B. PRATT, a citizen of the United States, and a resident o… https://t.co/ze7xdVKUqS
@ebfull another option would be to use the smaller isogenous edwards curve internally
@ebfull using decaf and cofactor 4 means you lose 2 bits instead of 3, so 1 bit of security level instead of 1.5, w… https://t.co/LYWTqG9cea
@ebfull oh, something else to think about — ristretto255 has a 252 bit scalar field, so if this has cofactor 8, the… https://t.co/CVgQs8sXC4
@ebfull The reason is that then the multiplication-by-curve-constants step in https://t.co/wrKrXQAREv can be done a… https://t.co/JOnfR5fxWV
@ebfull It would be nice if d were selected as the ratio of two small positive numbers rather than one + and one -,… https://t.co/nBuGHvptK1
@_tessr “do you know what the world needs more of right now? dissolution of any sense of shared reality and record… https://t.co/MiQkjPJL3r
Or: https://t.co/1kEyeGZI2W needs namespaces, because Rust users are already naming their crates as if they had nam… https://t.co/q6pYA7Ghf8
@gnarmagon I work on a collection of cryptography implementations, other people may use them to build crates that d… https://t.co/xpiZ3VA0IC
https://t.co/4bMlN4IujD needs namespaces, to distinguish "collection of high-quality related crates from one org" f… https://t.co/ZJaYuLYZrN