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RT @VinePhilly: Migos On The Ellen Show, And The People In The Crowd Can't Dance For Shit 😭 https://t.co/KcEGmZjQ8q
RT @a_mofia: Adulthood: https://t.co/c0arJl1bzM
RT @PrototypeWright: Quite frankly Kelis dsnt get the credit she deserved.
RT @byjoelanderson: all the rappers in the world who’ve bragged about being shooters and the only one in the building who’s actually shot s…
RT @consuelabetz: Forever funny RT @b4squiat: legendary moment in black history https://t.co/l18HeGYWtb
RT @byjoelanderson: Remy Ma was on a Big Pun album, shot a woman in the stomach, went to prison, married Pap and is playing at the ASG. Whe…
RT @selfcritics: I'm not calling him "president" of anything. His momma named him Donald, I'ma call him Donald https://t.co/926wEK3Zrs
"When you see bae" looks 😎 ; 📸: @sirfluxe https://t.co/wXtxanrlf0
RT @teIephoning: wow its our first Presidents Day without a President https://t.co/D17sNj21ME
RT @iamlaurenp: *Black folks minding their business* *Critics gathering info to write hot takes on Black folks minding our business* https…
RT @GameIikeEA: Ellen is now the fourth member of the Migos https://t.co/3W4k5kpz7M
RT @XLNB: Israelites: "So where we going?" God: "To the promised land..." Israelites: "Nice." God: "...forty years from now." Israel…
RT @NottRihanna: a fashion icon was born today https://t.co/6fd3kvJZza
RT @LesIzMore: Co-Parenting is so damn dope. A lot of y’all need to let the hurt go & parent your kids like a partnership https://t.co/mv8n
RT @partylikeits07: I'm so proud of Lindsay Lohan https://t.co/VbOYLChQ3M
RT @_LoveyytheDon: I cant believe Loiter Squad's ratings weren't successful....wtf is wrong with yall??
RT @chanelpuke: Me: *wears ripped jeans* Any adult: Haha i think you need some new jeans bc yours are ripped Me: https://t.co/ujOCqBSkGB