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RT @ManLikeKofii: I’ma assume that’s arthritis cos I know she’s not tryna do gang signs cos she’s posing with a black person.. I just know…
RT @sethjoesph: lil peep dying should be an eye opener to not ridicule someone for their drug use but to talk to them about it. a lot of ti…
RT @_Miaya: On Thanksgiving, don't ask me where my man at, what my major is, or how I'm doing in school. We here to eat. Dassit. https://t.…
RT @MissTink__: I still love this video. https://t.co/1ZrX9OwqLp
RT @shugazesam: Lil peep dying should be the final straw about glorifying xanax culture
RT @Dan_Eazy: Spirit airlines dropping you off at your destination https://t.co/hj5JwoIccH
RT @youthfulsavage: puppies don’t stab childhood legends in they chest https://t.co/UTnJxx4LFb
RT @JustineSkye: Lol, there’s this guy that calls me everytime I post a photo to tell me he fucked up https://t.co/RKLFfzhxa5
RT @whatclout: when you wake up from a fire ass unexpected nap https://t.co/GhgCl1QyTH
RT @Flashy_Words: Y’all niggas need therapists. Not relationships. https://t.co/WKq6KoChNX
RT @shellywelly53: My Nigga can unwrap me like a damn present in these 😍 https://t.co/0nvdzYEGON
RT @eddluxe: This is really how you write a headline. Good work you guise. 👍🏽 https://t.co/nDsovRYgnU
RT @iamwilliewill: “UNCLEEEEEE BERNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” https://t.co/dAPPuiw53C
RT @DevinMichael__: lol word. Also... I never understood Christmas music slander https://t.co/XL45mkWPrq
RT @EboneeDavis: Once you commit to loving yourself there is no going back. There is no more running away from your bullshit. You confront…
RT @dracomallfoys: turn this bitch off and throw her ass in the recycling bin this INSTANT!! the way she paused before giving an answer to…
RT @_BeaLove_: The Wood. Nobody died hanging with them. https://t.co/EM6RanEfGw