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RT @dahowlett: Diginomica Episode #10 - a drains up conversation about securing IoT with Ockam https://t.co/s0C0wK1WZ6 - excellent call wit…
@jonerp @SAP_Jarret My hunch these grab bag IT recruiters are actually resume collectors. Who purchased an email li… https://t.co/dOivFT465n
RT @fscavo: Just blogged: Why Is Open Source Not More Successful for Enterprise Applications? https://t.co/R5VhAhpiI2 #EnSW #OSS #OpenSourc
We implemented autonomous real-time MRP, users hated losing control. Backfitting autonomous systems needs fail-safes #ensw.
A step-by-step of how the pilots of Lion Air Flight 610 were doomed by autonomous systems not yielding back control… https://t.co/0JEVMyteo1
Great tribute by @AhnTrio playing Space Oddity at @Rizzoli_Bkstore NYC https://t.co/wZEjUdTX8r https://t.co/A1Eh9WtmAl
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@hrw Is #CarlosGhosn being mistreated? Ghosn’s daughters told NYT that his cell was unheated, that he had asked re… https://t.co/0ptmbTVRrb
RT @meisterluk: Happy 81st birthday, Donald Knuth! #donknuth #DEK
‘Lighthouse’ manufacturers lead the way--can the rest of the world keep up? https://t.co/f8NTbruCeh via @McKinsey / @jonerp @fscavo
Some good delineations on why #ensw corporations may want dApps. i.e. on-premises more trusted than cloud services… https://t.co/gmPMPCeQR0
@WardCunningham Zoom has partial outage, checking Hangouts?
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@jonerp #ensw hits and misses. more feedback sensors (more cowbell).
@greg_not_so Will customers use quantum to mine bitcoin or undermine proof of work?
@JapanEmbDC @amnesty apparently Tokyo Detention House mistreating: "Mr Ghosn wore a dark suit and plastic slippers,… https://t.co/YBUtM5pJzM
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