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@Steer_Jockey @Steve_Holcombe Helps hyperledger build the fastest growing open source ecosystem for business blockc… https://t.co/652epVjuut
@Fradice Could this ruling play havoc with wider designs of online recommender systems. Grey area if the algorithm… https://t.co/iQ2mln8yW2
RT @paulrnash: This might be my favorite part of this article: "...the research firm validated what CIOs have been saying about Google Clo…
@jonerp apparently logs show Alexa device sent out convo. #EnSW use cases will expect privacy/confidentiality. https://t.co/emjoBKLfor
Unsaid puts Twitter in the crosshairs... https://t.co/lgCDLTACqG
@thurrott @googlenews consumer services is making it hard to trust @googlecloud enterprise business because we hav… https://t.co/wc7iwtVhy3
RT @AsherT: NYC blockchain week was the most egregious and depressing display of bullshit and charlatanry I’ve ever seen. The worst of Wall…
Facebook: Let Us Be Part of the Hearing https://t.co/vNaHuhGdKb
@dahowlett Do you attribute this to a lack of standards? https://t.co/VFkP2md0t7
@pkellner @martinomander Nope. Busy in the blockchain salt mines. Martin always takes a great community photo.
RT @jonerp: @iC give me user preference configuration over a one size fits all "personalized algorithm" anyday
@jonerp Google News AI team should grok that the recommender engine should take the users preferences into account.… https://t.co/VrFkyD72r9
The SEC created a joke crypto token, Howey Coins (https://t.co/W83pDdYYyJ) to illustrate commonalities in ICO scams… https://t.co/9cM1pqgOUL
@violetblue Bohica: Only redesigned last June / @jonerp https://t.co/RoIvgGdo6L
RT @Hyperledger: Blockchain adoption now hinges on standards & rules, says Hyperledger Exec Director @brianbehlendorf https://t.co/yjS2y2zX
As predicted on the Gillmor Gang by @kteare / @stevegillmor https://t.co/mnSbYPXl1K
Imagine someone like @bet365 who acquired @basho's Riak assets might be motivated to tackle domain specific require… https://t.co/eWIi6jtsgW
@jwulff Unsaid has anyone nailed real world private smart contacts minus ideal world SPOF on high though-put blockc… https://t.co/qJwsdwsoxT
RT @STtrafficlab: Buses could be evicted from the downtown bus tunnel next spring, but Seattle streets might not be ready https://t.co/AE7m
@TransitSleuth "the best bicycle is the one you always have with you ... https://t.co/MbGyksSPUX