iamchrisscott (@iamchrisscott)

The cleanup is on Saturday, April 13th and it will be the most fun you've ever had in your entire life. That's a promise. Please come.
Hi friends! I'm leading a cleanup in Rock Creek Park for @LoveRockCreek's Extreme Cleanup in April. It'll be a grea… https://t.co/zf9HOfUP6o
@davidgross_man All I Want is such a fun little song
@charles_kinbote Also the way David Cross says “squash is on sale.” Jesus
@charles_kinbote The one two punch of that leading into story of Everest is just out of this world
@robwhisman Absolutely one of the funniest and most talented people I’ve found through this absurd website. Really grateful for you.
Happy #LoveYourPetDay from me and Waldo. Rescue rabbits make for wonderful pets and there are many bunnies out ther… https://t.co/IFFAU2Y7cy
@jhermann People who don’t own their own robe make me sick
Damn! Bernie already dropped out of the race. “I changed my mind,” his campaign announced. Ok well back to tweeting… https://t.co/xg6diqJAoB
@DavidKlion Hell yeah, congrats dude!
@danjan13 So sorry, friend. Sending you all love.
I personally don’t care who wins the Democratic nomination but I would like to ruin some friendships over it anyway
I can’t remember the last time something lived up to the hype for me the way Russian Doll did. Just about flawless… https://t.co/duqZZrPhFJ