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@TravelGov I am still waiting for my son's passport renewal after 6 weeks. All of my other kids got theirs. Leaving for travel in 1 week.
@ComcastMattV Thanks for your help. I have sent an email.
@comcastcares Been told I can get Comcast with a customer contribution, but am having a hard time getting to the next step for install.
RT @BreakingNews: Poll: 52 percent of Americans report having heard little or nothing about the Egypt demonstrations - Pew Center http:/ ...
@ibrhmcan Sorry but I do use my account.
What does a half million galaxies look like? http://bit.ly/61gejh
Eid al-Adha and the Hajj, 2009 - The Big Picture - Boston.com http://bit.ly/7ah0yi
A Financial Mirage in the Desert #islam #finance http://bit.ly/69Qh1Q
Quickbooks Pro 2009 online banking import problem http://bit.ly/7PrQyj
Many businesses would like to know the value of virtual worlds. http://bit.ly/4CwQpa #virtual_worlds
PyroContexts: In-Game Advertising Service http://bit.ly/6mEI3l #tech
Salah/Prayer times on your GPS enabled mobile device (iphone) or location aware web browser (Firefox) -- http://api.islamworld.net/salat
#isna the power of civilizations is in the institutions it creates. -shaykh hamza
Jewel of Medina case study of "manufactured outrage" and proactive engagement by blogistan #isna (via @omar_ahmad)
Zabihah.com has forced restaurants to improve service
"Beyond Buzz: On Measuring a Conversation" #w2e
@ComcastBonnie can you shedule that for me? thanks.