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RT @papiilong: being out the mix is hella peaceful
RT @trileztqvotes: You get a different me when I know you only fucking w/ me
RT @The_livinproof: I pray whoever is reading this that GOD heals everything and whatever is hurting you.
RT @papiilong: Treat a woman right and she’ll try to give you the world.
RT @papiilong: White toes or white tips I’m rubbing them anytime
RT @papiilong: ain’t nobody like me
RT @thelovelyMC: Candles burning in a clean home is another level of peace
RT @RoxyNiya: I pray August is full of good news & Blessings.
RT @papiilong: Y’all childish if you still asking this we grown now
RT @bratbvby: i don’t get MAD easily i get annoyed easily.understand the difference
RT @papiilong: Fuck around and bring back the horses with these prices
RT @papiilong: We didn’t know how to act on this hoe this was before DMs 😭😭
RT @The_livinproof: God is going to bless you in the same season that the enemy attacked you in.
RT @papiilong: You can't expect everybody to move how you move
RT @imamyruth: am i the only person who texts back very fast with no shame, like who cares
RT @shessoken: Stop sleeping on yoself & start pushing yoself 🍀 don’t be afraid of yo own potential
RT @papiilong: Love is like a fart if you have to force it then it’s probably shit 😭😭