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RT @allisoncierra_: this is my biggest fear. so if you get annoyed that i’m always asking “can you go with me”, this is the reason as to wh…
RT @Rockets_Insider: James Harden is back with the one-legged threes. Off his right foot. #Rockets (H/t @normantanaka) https://t.co/M8Jebn8
RT @Ballislife: Dwyane Wade talking about Anthony Edwards: "He can be better (than me). America here is your number 1 pick!" https://t.co/6
RT @BleacherReport: Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. info: ▫️ When: Nov. 28 ▫️ Where: Staples Center (no fans) ▫️ How to watch: PPV Iron Mike…
RT @Mathieu_Era: @BrettKollmann I’m tryna see when have I given up 16 catches..... plz show me!
RT @PFF: Julio Jones since 2011: 🔺 13,406 yards (1st) 🔺 889 catches (1st) 🔺 4,530 YAC (1st) 🔺 2,756 YAC on Rec. (1st) https://t.co/JRX27eiZ
RT @BenStinar: I just watched this 3 times- I know it didn’t always lead to wins but Carmelo Anthony as a 1 on 1 player is one of the best…
RT @LaArrogantKee: There’s no reason anyone should be this stuck on their ex.
RT @PatrickStormTU: My list for GM and HC General Head Manager Coach 1.Joe Hortiz 1. Robert…
RT @keniy7: The relationship is way more fun when y’all get this comfortable
RT @KingSosaJayyyy: @igetbuckets_one Very much so Lakers should give him what he asking for
@FybStitchHefner He said he wanna test the market and see what he get so that means he is willing to leave .
@KingSosaJayyyy Speaking facts brother , real Nigga know how valuable he is to that team , UNDERRATED
RT @KingSosaJayyyy: @igetbuckets_one Really is because the lakers probably wouldn’t have ring without him
@FybStitchHefner That’s honestly , you see what he did for the Lakers , all the clippers need is a legit guard that’s a genius on the court