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@lightinthebox Tried to place an order for >$25 in order to get the "Free shipping". However, when I go to complete… https://t.co/Q4kpwd2Yis
@mindforger What I would like to do initially is take a notebook (exported from the old https://t.co/kV4mPQCrcp) in… https://t.co/W0iu6nPasL
@mindforger also, is this the best way to get help using Mindforger or is there a forum somewhere?
@mindforger I watched your first steps video and then tried to duplicate what you did using the MacOS implementatio… https://t.co/DjAtZisFTg
@olemoritz ios screenshot markup tool?
@BearNotesApp I realize that you need a connection to the phone but what I was wondering is why the phone's offline… https://t.co/VSem10uCaN
@BearNotesApp If I turn on offline dictation on iPhone, I can dictate notes when offline. However, dictation from a… https://t.co/frZNDsSuXl
@shortcutsapp Will we ever see the return of a Watch app? I miss Workflow.
@olemoritz I see u have not been on the Pythonista forum in several months. Is Pythonista still under development?
@koehrsen_will Is there any likelihood that the stocker module will gain access to current (daily) closing prices.… https://t.co/nHfPuvoAGv
@jamesthomson Any chance that you will enhance your Watch app (esp given OS 5 and the S4). Would be nice to have us… https://t.co/ym69cTorno
@PushoverApp The Pushover Apple Watch App does not function properly. It does not update immediately to show the latest notifications
@educause Can you tell me how a for profit company, https://t.co/oPoTEzeUJQ got the domain name with .edu??
@TMobileHelp originated texts will not be forwarded.
@TMobileHelp always necessarily work if they are not ent from another phone. For example, when I use 2 factor authe… https://t.co/qSRrZvbuQb
@TMobileHelp I belive there is a problem with the way that Digits works when you have (as I do) 2 phones that share… https://t.co/Ayh5SKAqV0
@pcalc great app! My wish list is to have financial functions on the watch...actually the ideal would be a (scaled… https://t.co/DsppUz0rNR
@feedly Do you have or plan to add support for the Apple Watch?
@VMwareFusion Is $79.99 for Fusion an Annual Fee or is that a one-time purchase?
@RainAgency An Apple Watch app would be fantastic! Any chance of that?