im0danieI (@im0danieI)

RT @im0danieI: kim petras streaming party ^_^
RT @im0danieI: kim petras streaming party ^_^
switch just crashed after 30 minutes of not saving and a hard boss fight
@shittneybtw yes... my favorite sweats that i have ever bought hands down omg
@jubtrumpo this tour is worth it... i was in nosebleeds and still had a great time :)
@duhcole i dont like that pons and pans nonsense
kim petras streaming party ^_^
@piercespears its fine but nowhere near her best... really? c’mon now...
@piercespears homework is so cute... slow it down not my style love
@neoncontrol finally someone with tatse
@duhcole bare minimum [REDACTEDS] wanted dangerous woman rejects
@lasagnabby h&m radio song
1. Hillside Boys 2. Heart to Break 3. If U Think About Me... 4. I Don’t Want It At All 5. Homework 6. Can’t Do Bett…
this might be the best pop song of the past 5 years
@northernIad she’s literally so funny... her and gia the only reason this season was any good
@piercespears are we really?
@northernIad as i walk to gym in my f*rrah tank...
going gym then coming home to do laundry and play jrpgs all night
rupaul walking into the ballot box to vote for ronald reagan