im0danieI (@im0danieI)

@franktbh 1989 sweetie i am so sorry
@kissEMOTIONstan MDNA bad? what in the world
@franktbh we ignorin liberation in shit tier
these past 2 episodes have been complete shite but at least the next one looks like it’ll serve
@venicetinch we dont know a bigger cringe moment
god she sounded d**b here
lizzo and sabrina carpenter for TS7 tour openers... i would like to see it
RT @shantytyrelle: even Jesus couldn’t have a comeback like this
family kept talking about how muscular i looked while i was shoving my face with cake so the body dysmorphia is jum…
the academy really nominated green book for best picture but only nominated a fantastic woman for best foreign lang…
this is why easter is celebrated
cousin brought girlfriend who wears crop top to holidays and uncle who uses rope as a belt left the rope at home an…
at easter brunch with family haven’t said a single word and don’t plan on it
my dog when i get his leash
if i see one more of you weirdos tweet about adeles divorce being good album material im gonna throw up
out of a toilet
@wtfjxrge girl we
@adamcamein everyone needs firewood!
she been tanking bc of the baldness there are no words
@franktbh knee istead of fad