jabs123457 (@jabs123457)


I think about my problems to fix em try not to bury them
People will say this but their actions don’t match the words 😂😂 https://t.co/oYG5GAbYP5
RT @belxire: unpopular opinion but custard doughnuts are so much better than jam doughnuts https://t.co/sflBlN2rx9
I really really hate sitting next to people on the train man, like there’s space further down just go down there
I’d burn all my possessions, the possessions of my family and the possessions of my close friends for £50million https://t.co/xIUUDD5aP4
When I say this is funny I can’t explain how much I’m laughing https://t.co/ct49Rv2UMH
I ate too much yesterday cause I’ve just woken up and I’m still full
@ghost1ace That’s exactly how I started, I just follow harden tbh😂😂
I can’t wait till this book is real and sitting with publishing deals like @tpskorby which one should I sign to
@magnimise How does that show you’re whipped, wouldn’t it show the other person ain’t interested 🤔
Replace thunderstruck for Coach Carter and you’ve got that about right https://t.co/rTgzqzh2r5
“Two texts, no reply, that’s when I knew” What did he know🤔
It’s funny how paranoid girls are that other random girls are screwfacing them
We tie the laces of our airforces on this side
Had a nightmare last night that a girl I liked told me she just wanted to be friends and sees me as a brother🥴🥴
Each word in the Harry Potter books is worth around £920, do you know how wild that is