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RT @keyanna_maria: As annoying as Twitter can get, I have learned more about social issues, other cultures and communities, and even my own…
@pablod We take responsibility, and enforce accordingly
@edbott Will you refer me to those cases? Want to understand why.
@edbott I do. Consistent enforcement is critical to us. And so is evolving our service and policies.
@edbott Guess that’s one way to see it. But not how I feel.
Appreciate the conversation today. This reflects a lot of our thinking. We’ve changed Twitter a lot over time, but… https://t.co/cGJFCeWrK8
@jules_su This has nothing to do with what our competitors do or don’t do. We believe it’s important to consistently enforce our rules.
@BrettRedacted Our current enforcement is driven by reports of violations, reviewed by our staff. We didn’t see rep… https://t.co/kAJTNQCsPU
Our enforcement actions escalate, ultimately ending in permanent suspension. These cases are no different, same tre… https://t.co/0gJT2a7pG0
We have some evidence to show this does work. It won’t in every case. And we need to constantly evolve our enforcem… https://t.co/IMgaXtg2rP
To clarify: I was speaking broadly about our range of enforcement actions, when asked why we timeout functionality… https://t.co/MurvXRvoGB
@keating Thank you Amy!
RT @DalaiLama: We can achieve peace of mind if we tackle our destructive emotions, so the goal of making the 21st century an era of peace a…
RT @TulsiGabbard: I'm so thankful for receiving 84% of the vote in a 3-way democratic primary. Our campaign is powered completely by the pe…
@davidakaye Let’s do it cc @vijaya
@jason_a_w “Focused too much on”
Agree w all of this. Our early values informed our rules. We likely over-rotated on one value, & then let the rules… https://t.co/Kc1shfCVpY
Great post and critique by @mmasnick. And agree my original suggestion around journalists was “hamfisted” & wrong.… https://t.co/vsmomRBuCp
RT @kmoxnews: On the 4th anniversary of Michael Brown's death in #Ferguson, Brown's father has a message for the men of the community. http…