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RT @espn: On a team with Steph, Klay, KD, and Draymond ... Jonas Jerebko is the hero for Golden State 😮 https://t.co/72IG2jaSbd
RT @nxthompson: Friday evening acoustic guitar https://t.co/pCd2xfyxvg
Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz #GSWvsUTA https://t.co/Fq2TpY7cpN
Sq legacy seller panel https://t.co/8L9solHVGU
Hosting some great legacy businesses at Square SF to understand what they’re struggling with these days https://t.co/vNh6OAnVMV
More detailed thoughts from Patrick and Stripe on Prop C https://t.co/MJJvc4C0NN
Redid my thread. Missed this tweet https://t.co/cB2f2q9wyb
P.S. I appreciate I could be wrong about this. If I am, I’ll admit it, and work to fix. I’m committed to addressing… https://t.co/8XdAJoC5zd
I hope this helps add some color to the conversation. I’d love to see the Mayor get the funds and support she needs… https://t.co/RCpA4j4I6D
The Square/Stripe issue isn’t something the Mayor or Prop C folks can fix directly. I thought it was important to g… https://t.co/4apVuxBdTT
We’re happy to pay our taxes. We just want to be treated fairly with respect to our peer companies, many of whom ar… https://t.co/SQ45FBqcve
Hypothetically Square could pay over $20m more in 2019, while Salesforce (4x bigger than Sq) pays less than $10m. T… https://t.co/t9mmDRkIj9
I admit that while I come at this as a citizen first, there’s an unfairness I see in my role of CEO of Square (this… https://t.co/ZQAOrmfhDM
I’ll also posit that we do this discussion a disservice when we only look on the surface and make it us vs. them. I… https://t.co/MEiWSI7myi
I‘d love to see a meeting between the mayor and the @OurHomeSF (Yes on C) folks to work through the disconnect. We… https://t.co/6L7QLWJeT5
While I understand an influx of cash is attractive, the mayor has said she doesn’t have the accountability or contr… https://t.co/x2G2CipHIq
A thread on San Francisco’s Prop C. As a citizen of SF since 1999, and likely for the rest of my life, my primary o… https://t.co/QokJI2umAx