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@jemelehill She’s also Kanan-like in that she’s teaching Tariq the rules of the game...the last thing Ghost wants for him
@jemelehill Tasha is the new Kanan
Reminder: there's always a local angle https://t.co/BBq35UfBD6
@MikeWiseguy @HowardBeck Ahem. Yours truly by your right shoulder. And it was 2003, not 2002.
RT @calvinwatkins: Jerry Jones looks shaken.
Somewhere, Dana Stubblefield is like... https://t.co/OiCYkJwkDA
Rams haven’t converted on a single third down today and are 0-for-2 on fourth and 1
For instance, they said their WeGrow schools would be “elevating the collective consciousness of the world by expan… https://t.co/FMq54DhWBb
Seems like this company never heard the advice to underpromise and over deliver https://t.co/mFg2tmzHaK
Houston had possession of the ball for 2/3 of the game — 12 seconds shy of exactly double the amount of time the Chiefs had the ball
RT @bykevinclark: The good news for the Chiefs defense is that in about 80 minutes, Deshaun Watson is going to explain their defense to the…
@KCJHoop Sad to see this, KC. Condolences to you and your family