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RT @shytoosaucy: i hope everybody in the #pieceofyourlovechallenge knows how to fight cus whewwwwwww
RT @Dounnyya: Because they have girlfriends https://t.co/p1cD5TibEq
fuccc she gonee doo!!!
RT @LeeDawsonPT: Tiffany Pollard on Drag Race?! I'm listening. https://t.co/KLnDvjEpqQ
RT @THESUGARDAD1: $10,000 is available for the people who retweet within 10,000. Follow so I can DM. Many thanks.
RT @noIGjazz: Idk who needs to hear this but... Sis, your soulmate is not that lady’s husband. Lmao.
RT @elladebrito: me: *attempts to fall asleep* my brain: *james charles voice* WHOMP WHOMP WHOOOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOOMP yeEyeEyeAHHHH yeEyeEy…
RT @imheartIess: don't applaud a fish for swimming https://t.co/Wah6ap9D2b
RT @misgenders: don’t call us “the gays” you fucking corporate account you’re not our friend https://t.co/lGaikgqilY
RT @filmsofcoIor: ethereal and unbothered https://t.co/mphtVeVxF8
RT @LondonbreedAnn: George Bush kids were on coke.....NEXT https://t.co/utK4igKfbr
RT @anisalrh: we’re gonna forget that Bush’s kids were on coke?? https://t.co/wUS9T7o9io
RT @AmoNickk: 9 year old me waking up at 4am with cold sweats: my tv: https://t.co/O951qkhOrW
RT @ShaneStackamill: N*ggas will sink the whole ship just cuz they can't be the capitan.