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RT @fentyy: No bread No carbs No sugar No dairy No meat No fish No alcohol How?!
RT @fentyy: beyonce's diet for coachella: https://t.co/7xwB2tySBH
RT @uchicucci: the ancient greeks after laughing at medusa for her bad weave https://t.co/MruMtbASuv
RT @jaeIeon: when people are singing happy birthday to you and you don’t know what to do https://t.co/LEKYClxKhK
RT @PartitionBeat: Chris Brown right before he does a front flip https://t.co/ujO60xAwF3
RT @delila_cain: So 7 cis boys storm into the girl's bathroom because they were upset a trans boy was in the boy's bathroom & wouldn't let…
RT @jacks0nky: draya “fuck them kids” michele, first of her name, eraser of hoeness, ignorer of homework https://t.co/dM82fr9QsM
RT @ChokeMeRihRih: Kash doll dropped a visual. Beyoncè dropped a documentary. Megan thee stallion reached the billboard... y’all this week…
RT @MoneyMakersEnt_: Russell let go of that white woman and the ancestors been blessing him ever since. ✊🏾 https://t.co/D7hVMUnaZX
RT @chuuzus: Me listening to Rihanna’s ANTI for the 1000th time since she hasn’t released music for 3 years. https://t.co/SAtrV8pACT
RT @sohosultry: This weird culture of yanking a black woman by the wig to “expose” their natural hair is gross. https://t.co/gT98JkBbnR
RT @gIitering: might fuck around and | 👀 | \ / ____| |_____ / ✊__/ \_✊ disappear for 6 months
RT @kima_jones: It is I, eldest sibling, king of the family, with the Netflix premium plan, Hulu w no commercials and live TV plan, Spotify…
RT @MuseumGay: Billie Eilish is 17 let her be annoying some of y'all are pushing 30 and annoying so reflect on that
RT @anuscosgrove: no offense but im sick of yall being dumb as fuck https://t.co/gEGXiOpajh
RT @CuzzinEric: @playygrl Now everytime that come on the radio, yachty somewhere like... https://t.co/Bjae9PjcaN
RT @thomeography: @Skyy_bunny @definitelyLexy @LittleBambiee "Hesosoutheast" on instagram, get into it. https://t.co/5cMFDVCRrE
RT @Slim_theGoat: "How can they even know they're heterosexual? How is this ok? I don't think the parents should be encouraging this in kid…
RT @jemelehill: Visual proof that black women are amazing https://t.co/hBDlFUa9Ej
RT @teejiay: 11% of Disneyland Resort cast members are homeless https://t.co/RiXqn48l7Y