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RT @joshfoxfilm: People stuck in traffic are witnessing NYPD beat up folks on their way home. https://t.co/AkUGPQQOIf
RT @Shopify: We Just Gave Our Employees 1 Million Dollars to Spend on Shopify Stores » https://t.co/dPMxpTwzKj https://t.co/7md64qjM1W
@MrsKiyaBieber You're the one tweeting me - lol. Maybe you shouldn't tweet people you don't know.
@MrsKiyaBieber Not with @JustinBieber. Isn't he in the pokey? I heard those jail bunk beds are small.
RT @Shopify: “Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." via @busybuilding http://t.co/rgwuYS1vaj
RT @Shopify: Should you compare your prices to competitors? Find out in our latest guest post by @GregoryCiotti » http://t.co/rm4gdMpwLZ
looking for a new audiobook to get me through the week
Not quite finished with all of the things we started (go figure). Work has called & back to illustrating aircraft simulation contraptions :)
More home improvements today. Finished putting in all the windows. Now it's time to paint the outside. Wish me luck!