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@ryantaylor1822 @Sharonnijkerk #fakenews ! Greetings from Germany... a failed state, right? ROTFLMAO!
@chinesepineappl @ChelseaClinton @BayMads from my perspective they have just taken power!
@GOP_Contessa @ChelseaClinton @BayMads #fakenews ! Sweden safer than US! You need to learn to look deeper.
@blessmyliberty @ChelseaClinton @BayMads why u care about rape in Sweden? Jealous of the most enlightened society with transparency?
@LdyNJ1 if you were willing to consider not so easy answers you would know that you are spreading somewhat #fakenews
RT @SulomeAnderson: This gave me chills. Things will never be the same again. https://t.co/kFzaMbW7MG
RT @Snowden: 2013: "Only the government can responsibly protect secrets!" 2017: US-Japan nuclear crisis response cycle includes random Face…
@McMarleyuk what you want is called a dictator!
RT @GeorgeTakei: Trump was quick to condemn the Louvre attack. But he stayed pretty quiet over the mosque shooting in Montreal. That speaks…
RT @RogueNASA: The date for the #sciencemarch has been announced: April 22, 2017. Put it on your calendar and let's get to work. https://t.…
RT @GeorgeTakei: The number of fatal U.S. terrorist attacks by persons entering the U.S. from the 7 banned Muslim majority countries? ZERO.…
@masteriggy @SulomeAnderson @realDonaldTrump yes, Egyptian... so not banned cauz of trumps business interests! #facepalm
RT @SulomeAnderson: Wow, @realDonaldTrump. You protected us from a blind 88-year-old my hero https://t.co/ganhHKtgkc
RT @GeorgeTakei: Lyft donates $1mil to ACLU while Uber doubles down on its support for Trump. #DeleteUber
RT @StephLauren: Donald Trump is signing a refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
RT @Snowden: In every moment, look around and ask yourself: "Is this right?" There are no heroes, only heroic choices. Act accordingly.