jasonffl (@jasonffl)

@jaywillztho @WhiskersSalty Garbage trash. Vetos shouldn’t even be a thing. Disgusting.
@M_Rish25 @DynastyNerds @DynastyOuthouse @spoony____ @I_Am_HyPerion94 @FantasyWildman If it’s IMMEDIATE and OBVIOUS… https://t.co/vKCKTRYtFA
@TianaMHicks In your situation I’d be okay dropping Wilson. But yes also a guy you can trade if you find a partner quick enough.
@Shallx10 If I’m receiving CMC, yes.
@HarrisonC39 I’d stick with Michel
@Mattie_Muscles @rjhoppe3 @FFHitman @andyholloway Switch to daily FAAB. Open waivers are trash.
@megan_ashley23 @FFHitman @andyholloway @weknowfantasy Not crazy. Risky, but higher TD potential.
@mggreenfield @away I believe it’s footballers. Don’t remember if there was also a URL
@BluhmSawyer Sit Yeldon and Gordon
@w3bsling3r I’d roll Alex until I see how the Browns backfield splits up.
@manbunandpuns Except I was saying to get Breida...
@Tinkz_2006 @TheFFBallers I’d do it if you need RB help.