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The Lions will have to sign somebody. Let it be Gilly so that Kerryon can carry on. https://t.co/hR1wLVeTem
@DaveAnonymus @fredbillsfan @andyholloway @FFHitman I like him. Bright future, talented guy, good offense, bad defense.
@fredbillsfan @andyholloway @FFHitman This is a fair point. We were going in order of the NFL draft... which Robert… https://t.co/Nlk4UqTkZA
@James_Van_Camp Yes. Because they were. They were #1 in yards, #3 in TDs, top 5 in almost every passing category.
Yeah but: Joe Flacco 6'6" Case Keenum 6'1" https://t.co/dDmniF6DQz