jessica (@jessica)

@Lisa_Lefteye I’ve been enjoyeing my mushroom stuff I got. excited to try more mushrooms
my boyfriend is buying 20 lbs of broth online. this is not a joke
I hate the conservative freaks in my mentions who like to yell at news anchors constantly
RT @Texas_Dexter: He fell asleep playing with his parsnip 😍❤
@judecomputer Lmfao I have never gotten this!
@snackvampire Sounds about right Lmao
me: I don’t feel well bf: you’ll feel better if you do some stretching me: I’ve become decapitated and am now dead…
@animeclubcutie Yeah exactly see I make a little more sense now, don’t I?
@animeclubcutie It seemed cool..
@mattytalks @couchdefiler2 don’t talk to my gf like that
@animeclubcutie It was like the first week lol
@animeclubcutie I use the same gmail I registered in 2004 when I paid like $9 for an invite code. Stretched that pu…
@animeclubcutie It’s amazing to me that that relic of an email account has not been long deleted with the rest of pre-2009 internet