jiminbyheart (@jiminbyheart)

Honestly i never thought id get a shirtless photoshoot of Jimin for free
RT @jikookheart: no but jimin saying the most enjoyable thing is waking up and seeing jungkook and then sending a kiss when the boys booed…
I just turned on the “ latest tweets “ feature and now i can finally see my moots tweets
Im eating sushi rn and Im gonna share a pic every time new food comes in … my current weight is 49kg… imma tell u h… https://t.co/Ll9ckl1cGe
RT @parkweens: jimin literally went to meet producers and work on his album, he is celebrating with bts staff and txt, jimin supported jhop…
hold on- ROSS LYNCH ?? What- step on me and rip me apart - he was my Disney crush for a reason https://t.co/xSZDfjiIyz