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RT @SpoilersSpoils: Idea: trans pool parties. Just trans gals and trans guys and non binary pals in a private pool with no one else around…
like i have BPD & get super attached to the ppl in my life, but if they reject me, i’m not calling them names. i’m… https://t.co/gYBcSEBdgj
men feel entitled to women for absolutely no reason then are out here playin mr nice guy. u are not a nice guy if u… https://t.co/EykSKZEPVJ
i remember one time i was being nice to a guy bc he was friends w my bf and he thought i was tryna get w him? while… https://t.co/9QvURSuWLg
“i have a bf” is not a good enough excuse for men bro. i showed him a picture of me n my man and still. nope. i’m a… https://t.co/qnoMbUcXQp
told a guy i had a bf and so obviously i’m not snapchatting him bc i’m just not interested and all he does is call… https://t.co/uInkbyvcw6
RT @decafmari_: y’all remember when everyone got mad at me for saying veganism is a privilege? yeah fuck y’all lmfao.
RT @itswalela: One of the best things I did was cut ties with my parents. Not because I avoid conflict and not because I didn’t try the res…
i know i always come and go, but it’s out of my control
RT @BaeMetal: Hi im Marley I’m a Haitian trans woman from Philadelphia on ssi for BPD and schizophrenia. Lately there has been 3 murders th…
it’s just so wild that Kim has stans like... who has the time? who loves drama that much??
Kim K stans are a whole fuckin mess. Coming for beyoncé as if they wouldn’t cry an ocean if Beyoncé didn’t show up… https://t.co/MLYDLyXBr4
honestly if selena were to date Bill Murray, i would give her an award. that man is a legend like what, i would be… https://t.co/kR19KtngWi
RT @reem1sultan: Russ went live for 1 minuet just to give this energy, and I’m here for it​ @russdiemon https://t.co/5HFZGhJSPL
RT @marie_brownsuga: Stop trying to skip the struggle. That’s where character is made. It’s beauty in the struggle.