jjorddn (@jjorddn)

my life is like one anxiety attack over n over n i’m tired lol :-)
my thoughts are so wild i literally have to pretend to read something in order to pass off the weird reactions to them
@rucci_rei SAME! lmao
RT @Jessicateresaa: If you believe you’ve never played the toxic role in any relationship dynamic, you lack self-awareness and need to refl…
also if u wanna see manic jordan: pop into dons! manic asf!
my coworkers r the cutest ugh
shampoo pressed, get u out of my hair
“don’t forget there’s ppl over” ok bitch i pay the bills and i didn’t say yes to them staying so they can suck it up
hi if u willfully stay over at my apartment knowing i have to work first thing in the morning, u are agreeing to he… https://t.co/Qd93cVh1rV
my biggest accomplishment so far? not splitting on coworkers when it got stressful when i first started which led t… https://t.co/nYH86DqNIm
RT @KonySosaMontana: Me when a girl that used to like me and I lead on for months with no intention of dating gets a boyfriend https://t.co
RT @drowzygf: guys r like don’t kill urself ur so sexy aha
do you know how terrifying it is to take control of your own life?
RT @MariahGracex3: i just saw a tweet by a yt that said “y’all still hate police? grow up” lmao do white people really think we hate poli…
i did some poses randomly in my moms living room one day and yea i didn’t look as great as most but i still felt good
i’m trying this thing where i take vids of myself dancing and self timer pics now to boost my confidence..... gotta… https://t.co/hQPscDKzDn
“no this won’t make them feel better, THIS will” as if they have the same trauma women, BIPOC, & LGBTQ+ have. also,… https://t.co/jyjg8YWhfb
i really hate how straight white men think they know what’s best for everyone
RT @desspaul: Tbh it’s so disappointing when people don’t care about politics.