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I took a vid of myself getting ready n I was dancing n I asked someone if I should post it (if I look stupid) and t… https://t.co/acXA3gLv3M
RT @poetastrologers: Aries [after 3 minutes of meeting anyone]: Yes, I’d marry you!! Aries [at the wedding]: So there’s this other party I…
RT @theRealDawson83: Please be honest my American friends. Does it bother you when someone like me...a Canadian... gives an opinion on your…
Never thought there’d be a day I hear my mom say she wants to start hitting dabs.. but here we are
As in, they probably are very aware of their privilege & use it to their advantage REGULARLY
Ppl who deny white privilege most likely boast in it
RT @xodanix3: "Free speech" was the same defense for the instititional racism present at University of North Dakota. Ie. The racist "siouxp…
RT @FortniteGame: #FallSkirmish Week 5 kicks off in ONE HOUR! Which club do you think is going to come out on top?
RT @RoshedoWilliams: Vaginal health is a sensitive topic, and men don’t understand that a number of things can cause disruption of the ph b…
I hate “u hate cops cause u did something illegal” mentality cuz like the only time I’ve been involved w cops is wh… https://t.co/2Uc85fwutR
tip toein on cliffs, I think it’s worth the fall
I am an annoyance
RT @lilrednacho: My god....have y’all seen this article defending the Spunky SQ*aw? https://t.co/rNo6vboFsI
there’s honestly no way to describe how I feel while singing fleetwood mac
David thinks OHS won’t let him go back to school for being too wild in school but he clearly forgets who I am and they let ME go back lmao
RT @xvvvier: no offense but you’re a trash ass parent if you constantly throw in your child’s face what you have done for them. it’s your r…
RT @STEVEJXSEPH: didn’t he just bring her abuser on stage? men........are a disease. https://t.co/eaVC7l0d6c
RT @ParkerMolloy: Hey, can we stop using "provocateur" as a euphemism for "extremist asshole?" You don't need to dress that up in comfy lan…
now I need friends but don’t like letting ppl in sooooo rip
David n I no longer live together - mainly so his friends could be his n I could have space - I miss him lol