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RT @fanyloops: they were all leaving her but yoona stayed 😂💞
RT @_kimfork: ..😯😯..... ....👍👍👍!!
RT @48gTalk: Now we know why Sasshi want Sakura & Nako to be in HKT48 concert so bad despite Korean fans really against that decision. It's…
RT @vocalistbyul: Yujin guessing 뽕이요 right and expressing it with her body
RT @minjooful: okay guys let's settle this since rumor stans wanna get brave like for rumor retweet for i am
RT @izonethings: iz*one strutting down the stage like the queens they are (2018)
RT @YeoksiYujin: in this izone house we live to see mommy eunbi babying maknae yujin 💕
RT @sonexjinro: IG, SC, Snow can move aside now. Taeyeon is next level, she has real life filters 😂
RT @vocalistbyul: by the time they first met in Japan for the rehearsal Chaewon already learnt all the choreo and did well during the perfo…
RT @vocalistbyul: 181215 YKBK Vlive #IZONE #아이즈원 #Moonbyul #Chaewon Moonbyul said Chaewon was recommended for her <Selfish> stage so she s…
RT @fckmxgxxl: do u ever have a crush on someone and your heart goes: 💖💕💛💞💓🦋💓💛💞💕🦋💖✨🦋💕✨🦋💕💖🦋✨💖✨💛💓🦋💕💞💖💛🦋✨💓 and their heart go:
RT @soompi: #GirlsGeneration's #Sooyoung Releases More Teasers And Details For First Solo Single
RT @girlgroupzone: SNSD's Sooyoung to release her first solo digital single album '겨울숨(Winter Breath)' on December 20th
RT @allkpop: Sooyoung reveals more information about her 1st digital single album 'Winter Breath'
RT @ai_kkuchaeng: OMG, don't touch me.. I also remembered Acchan's graduation 😭 Atsuko snd Takamina,.. Now, Sakura and Anna. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #HKT48
RT @theseoulstory: Happy Birthday to PRISTIN Kyulkyung! 🎂 We hope you have an enjoyable celebration & may all your wishes come true! Hope…
RT @PRST_OFFICIAL_: 20181216 Happy Kyulkyung’s Day♥️ #Happy_Kyulkyung_Day #HAPPY_BIRTHDAY
RT @OH_mes: Happy Pinky Day
RT @CoolKids0901: 181214 MAMA in HK #안유진 #Anyujin Rose of the Year 🌹🏆
RT @YeoksiYujin: babygirl experiencing a whole new world with her first taste of stir fried intestine omggg baby tastebuds yujin-ie the cut…