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RT @LakeShowFamily: Kobe a savage for stopping the play and still hitting Terrance Ross with Stepback. 🐍😂 https://t.co/ug2XAriEvT
RT @Ballislife: @espn 😂 Michael Jordan explaining why he enjoyed torturing Bryon Russell https://t.co/zUuPLL6n9x
RT @_thearny: b, d, p and q are the same letter but nobody is talking about it
RT @MecoleHardman4: Everybody talking about Tory and Meg like they know what really happen 🤷🏾‍♂️
RT @akvsua: We’ve actually passively accepted a lot of wild shit. The plane MH370 disappeared six years ago, into thin air, and there’s sti…
RT @kismetndreams: Who's the candidate that'll give us a 30hr 4-day work week with minimum wage at $25/hr, a cap on rent, living spaces for…
RT @DragonChaseJav: Getting voted off as the imposter when ur just a crew mate
RT @Cwells999: *Tased for resisting arrest and trespassing then refusing to leave