jumpsuuiit (@jumpsuuiit)


stop putting the songs on trench against each other jumpsuit is good levitate is good morph is good my blood is go… https://t.co/XvZcPzx9Gu
the way he goes up to the camera and raps and points to it at the end.... this is my new favorite thing. https://t.co/XMSVH8DF4m
been stanning tøp for four years and i’m still embarrassed to be a fan
@tylerrjoseph add hoty back on the setlist or we are going to have serious problems
@5SOS now you’re just making it obvious stream trench
@tylerrjoseph yo so do you wanna um..... share some of that bag😳
@catharxis_ i swear his ego gets bigger and bigger everyday
the way he’s moving his head and his tiny soft hands playing the bass🥺 something truly adorable https://t.co/7l5XYl9XSG