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RT @krldn10: you’re telling me someone went to get some head and left without one? life’s tough https://t.co/DJcb6UhNNX
RT @TrashyeWest: Bitch cheated on Wolverine https://t.co/Z4BtbUBtKJ
RT @mikemightmakeit: nigga u suppose to support the awareness not the disease😭 https://t.co/TDJ5VED30a
@txsneem21 Start kicking balls
RT @__Floww: well... we just wear our skin sometimes.... and ya know, die.. so.. https://t.co/ZTw7AGcfaw
RT @NickiPlayhouse_: Someone explain this 😂 https://t.co/r7MeWYpo5c
RT @diallinglucifer: I think u all should support this specific precious human cause he deserves every support he receives from everyone! :…
RT @Dutty_Jermz: BRUH LMFAOOOOOOOO https://t.co/IEPrs7MBbt
RT @curledbitch: who the fuCK CHANGED THE SOUND LMAOOOO https://t.co/liyHdtzoci
RT @Vonnieradass: I’m switching to PlayStation https://t.co/LBjRtO657z
RT @pooldad: new smash bros lookin CRAZY https://t.co/C0zYLHbrYg
RT @B_Azevedo24: Me and Matt are no longer allowed in @IHOP https://t.co/b2PbEm6gya
RT @txsneem21: East LDN bengali boys make me sick
2nd pair of headphones I've lost this year. That -£150