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@brownorama @shankarux I use Pixton to do it quickly digitally and I use templates otherwise of different scenes.
@bensauer What does she use to make the game?
@mfk @outlierai "Startups are a very long jaunt in the park," said nobody, ever.
@jandersen But does lecturing bring them joy?
@joshcarpenter Let's hang next time in back that way
@halvorson Also in the market. Not sure this thread has actually reduced my selection.
@mylifeasfred We should totally make this
RT @ATTSeagull: Hey @SFGiants and @ATTPark. Can we please do a Mario Kart Tournament for charity organizations on the big screen?!? https:/…
@jakey12 I mean, literally this is how any basic forums do spoiler alerts. Meaning it's designed to be read if you want to.
@timoni @Habitifyapp @satvikpendem I used Habitify last year and enjoyed using it.
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@halvorson Seems the 50% that say not worth it are saying so on principle, not based on having read the book. So no… https://t.co/438b3MqCA1
@brendonjwilson I wonder where she got that from.
@mfk Not enough people evaluate for potential. The best people are looking for a job where they haven't done exactly what the job entails.
RT @RosenfeldMedia: "A breakthrough book by @K Cheng that will soon have you making breakthroughs of your own. If you care about clear thin…
RT @hoverbird: 5PM tomorrow. SF Civic Center. Protest the firing of the Attorney General and demand that we #ProtectMueller
@kevinmhoffman Part man part spider ALL COP
@kevinmhoffman Annnnd immediately I'm hearing radio dispatch voice.