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RT @iam_YCee: So everybody going to heaven yeah?
RT @BurgerKingUK: It's bold of you to assume we would hire Luke Shaw
RT @thekillakay_: Wild ‘N Out finna have a field day with this shit
RT @Santandave1: I’ll be back on Twitter when Ole is gone. I love man united so much but I can’t do this anymore.
RT @OndoFirstBorn: @seunokin Let's assume this statement is real, Who is Malami that Elected Governors will now have to sit down and dialog…
RT @KiiingSha: Its so nice seeing her in human clothes
RT @BoudoirMadam: God trying to wipe out Australia specifically. Tf y’all did?
RT @SamuelOtigba: Have you hugged your father today. If it’s to be giving free hugs to the sons of Adam, that’s where they will find you. A…
RT @kennagq: Gassing up fred after a 2-0 home loss to Burnley Shameless
RT @monaejjass: Call child services immediately. You bitches are WEIRD WTF
RT @pantzonfya: Ever time I thought "wow that's mad fat" it got even fatter
He has a lineage with buhari cos d yarns are just too similar
RT @RuggedyBaba: Your excellency @WillieMObiano we bring the sick acts of @PoliceNG officers at 33 junction police station Onitsha to your…
RT @EbubeIsaac: What price? They'll stop serving eggs during breakfast at Boko Haram rehabilitation centres?
RT @sIuttykayIa: bruh this pic just gave me lack toes in toddler ants