kingofthistrill (@kingofthistrill)

Definitely getting chick fil a breakfast
Send me photos of the best dish you cooked please !
RT @dxrobinson: @AmarisJessica Clearly he ain't embarrassed and is in love with his wife so I don't know why your dry pussy ass is so conce…
@ChardeO_o I'm saying though lol. Then the nap afterwards would be life
Then saving some for mimosas afterwards and cooking brunch together
@El_logical I'm putting you in the new blog post fam
RT @FrugalHugo: Support culinary trappers and trappers who turned to #CulinaryTrapping
Check out the page and also make sure to follow the twitter account @CulinaryTrappin. 👌🏾
Straight up. It's what makes them happy and doesn't harm me nor others. I'm here for it
RT @babskinks: Okay but am I the only one who never seen this episode ?
RT @babskinks: Okay but am I the only one who never seen this episode ?
RT @Fleimkepa: I'M SCREAMING! 😭😭😭
RT @AtiaAddicted: Rugrats was progressive af. Stu n Didi did whatever. Angelica momma was a Lady CEO & the breadwinner. The black family ha…
RT @NoRemorse_Rob: I can’t never find good conversation
The way the last couple years have been going I wouldn't be surprised lol
@P0psonX I really appreciate that. Salute bruh
RT @P0psonX: You grown as hell. I'm proud of you
I'm tired of just living for the now lol
Up researching investment strategies