kingofthistrill (@kingofthistrill)

RT @Ant95four: @_damnhoe @kingofthistrill It was just funny to me he used that term .....dont mind me
RT @broke_ig: @kingofthistrill @TheAyannaShow @brittanyrennerr bro if you can cook like that ima be the one flying you out
If you’re a Dope creative in the San Marcos, Austin or even San Antonio area then hit me up ! Let’s work !…
@TheAyannaShow @brittanyrennerr Yeah. Fly me out boo. I’ll cook 👀
Imma have to hit philly soon man !
@_damnhoe Just a splash. And bet ! I’ll shout you out on the episode for the tip
@_damnhoe Imma make a blueberry compote with wine though. Or at least attempt too
RT @_damnhoe: 😂
RT @_damnhoe: spinach and cheese omlette w/ sausage and blueberry french toast? 🤔
You hip to the game !! Exactly what I’m cooking lol
RT @TheAyannaShow: Brittany Renner flying niggas out apparently. Y’all better get on it @kingofthistrill
@Ant95four YES SIR
RT @Ant95four: Aye ppl be sleep on them Ekrich kielbasas
@damnit_mann YeeeAaaa. I don’t normally cook turkey sausage lol. But he guest I have on my show doesn’t eat pork lol