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RT @rayq198: Me in the future when I see my child heading inside on their first day of school with their backpacks the same size as their l…
Filling up my gas tank left me all time broke. Don’t even got money to buy groceries.💯 @Shell I’m gonna die bro.
RT @_MoniAliii: Yo! The pain in his eyes... I just... wish I could thank this man for standing up for this baby who probably can’t even com…
RT @Smashhlyn: I love FB. This dog was mad that she got put in time out. Look at her throw her toy 😂 https://t.co/38AGGBBBGw
RT @TASH__P: Nip passing away got all these rappers with money looking like clowns for not doing shit for their communities and I fucking l…
RT @Joshmtz1199: Whoever took these pictures needs to take my wedding pictures once I’m ready to get married. https://t.co/E7F0Sy8ie5
RT @josieenguyen: Tim and I decided to set Umi free....things escalated quickly... 😭 https://t.co/g1kZXdXzkP
RT @millionairevic: I be telling y'all animals can sense evil https://t.co/kT3VR72E3f
RT @germandasavage2: my fav sex position is when i have feelings for someone and they have the same feelings back
RT @QuePasaWindow: Fuck #Ice shoutout to my Mexicans , pass this shit https://t.co/9IdwjAFukP
RT @TambayObenson: Flint needs just $55 million to remove lead pipes in the city that's been beleaguered by a toxic water crisis. No billio…
RT @XJaaeX: Them: Wyd this summer Me: https://t.co/Lrtbzs6sf6
RT @aikolovesplants: how tf do u bitches have nice skin, titties, AND ass.....I’m mad!!!!!!!!
RT @OokHarley: yeah sex is cool but have you ever called a dog from another room and you hear his paws hitting the floor as he runs towards…
RT @TugbaNDemirel: My dog has lifetime seizures after taking #simparica #zoetis knows this and keeps pushing this medication on dogs. I jus…
RT @Wineglassdaddy: If 2019 your year retweet for good luck and watch God work https://t.co/dQBcPTvj4N
RT @sesekassm: a national holiday https://t.co/M7lKGLbfrz
RT @Psyart420: Due to the increase in the amount of light entering the camera, the resulting stroboscopic effect. https://t.co/BsjbxRnoae
RT @john519albert: No nude needed. Rt if you need $500 for shopping or bills this weekend. I just want to help financially..