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The EU simply chooses which rules to enforce and which to ignore #brexit
A new divorce bill danger: why the EU rejects legal process #brexit
Oh dear. #LosersVote brigade caught misleading the public again. #brexit
I voted Remain but as a democrat feel duty-bound to help ensure Brexit is delivered #brexit
Row brewing over Thursday’s Government motion opposing a no-deal Brexit #brexit
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RT @isaby: Roses are red I wish my passport were blue It's 43 days Until we leave the EU! Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥️♥️♥️
RT @BrendanChilton: The Leader of the UKs biggest trade union states that staying in the EU is not the best option for our nation. To blood…
RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Hell fire one week, the guillotine the next, these Eurocrats seem unduly excitable.
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.@Keir_Starmer at what point are you going to acknowledge the 5 million Labour voters who did NOT vote for an exten…
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The governments mask is slipping.
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