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.@patmcfaddenmp is spot on: PM has put immigration policy over & above economic policy, without even attempting to… https://t.co/p2NxrulKBu
Historic moment when UK PM fails to put national economic interest 1st. Gives up membership of single market before negotiations even begun.
RT @tompeck: It's as feared. "Be nice to us Europe, or we'll turn ourselves into a tax haven." That's the vision for a 'fairer Britain.' Be…
Quite a while since I was last called a commie... https://t.co/6QaHo3bRtl
RT @Open_Britain: .@patmcfaddenmp is right: by leaving the Single Market, Britain would be putting up new barriers to trade, hurting Britis…
RT @The_TUC: ASOS staff face unfair pay and contracts and intrusive surveillance. Back @GMB_union who want conditions improved https://t.co
RT @mikebutcher: Brexit: Philip Hammond issues threat to EU partners https://t.co/I5JLBz3lUF via @welt < the entire game plan revealed
Huge consequences if out of single market & customs union. Tories want low tax, small state, de-regulated UK. Wrong… https://t.co/VjIxUUab77
RT @JohnRentoul: Article of the week: Filled with admiration for @IsabelHardman for writing this https://t.co/L4Ma5CJKp3
RT @DavePrentis: Shameful Tory filibustering of @OnnMel's rights at work bill today. Why don't they want your rights protected? What are th…
RT @JolyonGreen: What about private schoolies called 'Clement'? https://t.co/22fdrGo8bL
RT @Brian_Whit: Exclusive: Assad linked to Syrian chemical attacks for first time https://t.co/LDVZYDowzI via @Reuters
With @FightBach discussing crime & anti-social behaviour - v important issue, holding public meeting next Thurs 5.3… https://t.co/fmdOWz1GeU
Terrible mental health case, I'll do my best to help, as always. Good to see you too... https://t.co/YitYBhxp27
RT @greenmiranda: Went to Stoke to write about ceramics revival last year https://t.co/G89ObXPwSw Found @TristramHuntMP and his local offic…
Will miss @TristramHuntMP in Commons - he has made a huge contribution to @UKLabour and is a good friend https://t.co/hIoxnmiJMo
Brings back so many memories of growing up in Watford - such terribly sad news. https://t.co/kGzUiMAqjs
RT @JenniferTHF: Post PAC, check these international comparisons. The facts speak... https://t.co/cmi5eYuiUL
RT @JenniferTHF: Post PAC, check these international comparisons. The facts speak... https://t.co/cmi5eYuiUL