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RT @sheylyortiz: Yo 24/7: tengo hambre🙂
RT @sheylyortiz: Yo 24/7: tengo hambre🙂
RT @beansiie: text ur ex “ur on thin ice” at random intervals with no context
RT @kurtisconner: I hope Vine 2 has the same cast 😩
RT @beansiie: when 21 savage says “21, 21, ,21”........ That shit really speaks to me :-/
@juanvarelad Y los cargadores de iphone
RT @juanvarelad: Los auriculares rotos son la cosa que mas descoloca la economía de un adolescente
RT @beansiie: no one needs to romanticize me bc I already romanticize myself
RT @holyfag: this is the most relatable thing kris jenner has ever said https://t.co/wFSh0b2QtD
RT @owenxlang: No offense but can someone like ask me out on a date or something??
RT @billwurtz: took the myers briggs test and found out i'm a witch
RT @salemmitchell: no offense but everyone who is no longer in my life due to their own negativity is in the same place i left them at
RT @kinley666: being confident doesnt mean u have to admire every lil part of you. Its being self-aware and being patient with your insecur…
RT @yourlru: here’s some of my favorite things i’ve ever done modeling, like shooting with testino for v mag and doing misbhv 💛 https://t.c
RT @fiona_ohanlon: kinks include: being treated right and feeling like a priority in someone’s life
RT @sexualjumanji: Hi this is The Guy Who Favorited Your Tweet 2 nights ago. I just want 2 let you know I Have Feelings For You
RT @queenkimbaby: NO girl is ME.. she might be cute, but she not ME.