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Another link of awesome - the Spokane Serial Stackers have a Facebook page ;)
This is absolutely awesome. Please watch this. This is exactly where the gun ownership "debate" is right now.
Way to go Google - great way in showing what asshats you are blocking maps on WP8
In meeting today, person#1: "it doesn't do this, this, and this", person#2: "so discount all the good it *does* do?". Ship, iterate, improve
@dakami exactly. People used to not do stuff because of the shame it would bring, or if caught they would resign. Not now - no consequences
@dakami my prediction for 2013: the "hack" of people not having any shame will continue and grow.
@adamshostack does that form (w/ SSN) have the persons state? If so, that could just be only two numbers to guess :)
I've been batting this around on my own for some time, so here's a public (beta) - - confusable unicode domain lookups
@curphey I have these, and they have been pretty good. Old now, so maybe newer models?
Differences between Google and Microsoft? Look at their employees shopping lists - - both interesting and creepy.
BTW, sticker was from if you want your own ;)
Finally, good use of one of my stickers
@michael_howard not saying that it may/may not be true, but there's a lot of biases in that article.
@michael_howard if it was in the Daily Mail then it must be true :) Also, if you are paid to report on something, chances are you'll find it
@Wh1t3Rabbit @jeremiahg negative values are much more fun though, especially if you can complete the transaction.
This may help people generate stronger passwords (from Mike @securosis)
@curphey are you sure it wasn't just a stone chip, you do tend to exaggerate ;) Foo's are great though - not sure about the new album yet
@curphey that would be inbound - the "cone" always opens away from the source
Did my #MVP11 speaking duty today. Would have gone to Safeco field for the big party but work (and flight to ORD tomorrow) called louder :(