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@mia_bonacorsi you got this, head up💗
RT @A_1hxnna: What girls do when they see you on your phone laughing and not paying them any attention
RT @hardydj32: By 2020, if someone who works at Mcdonalds works 7 days a week for 8 hours a day, they will make nearly the same amount as m…
RT @CloydRivers: When you’re deciding which beer to buy, then look at your bank account. Merica.
RT @_KevinSosa_: Not to be dramatic but he can have one of my legs
RT @Necation: when you get home and you and ur dog see each other
RT @xoCocoRi: everybody dont do this when they bored??????????
RT @stirflyy: When someone’s holding a door open for you but you’re still far away
RT @_vanessamariexo: They all taught me pain
RT @Madi_Davis7: wow I miss volleyball
RT @KeUnder: senior year is such a roller coaster of emotions,, so excited for the future but seeing everything come to an end & im so not…
@jocylayton politics make me laugh because of all the dumb people😂
RT @__dmitchell__: When Luke Combs said” she started calling me baby, and two years later I was down on one knee” like I want that
RT @Sabia_K: Swiper is brain damaged so can’t walk normal but her wee trots are too precious not to share 😭
RT @kayleelove17: i’ll marry the man that starts my car in the mornings when it’s cold 🤷🏼‍♀️
RT @SeniorGirls1: I see a house with a big ol wrap around porch, a giant king size bed, beer in the fridge, endless wine, good doggos, my p…
RT @LORAFRIMANEE: i woulda whipped his ass too, teachers don’t get paid enough for this shit smh
RT @CloydRivers: Relationships are like a truck. When you get a flat tire, you don’t go out and buy a new truck. You fix the damn tire. Mer…