maggie_fuhrman (@maggie_fuhrman)

RT @playboicarti: ready for my mom to pick me up
@dayled99 You’re a sweet angel Dayle Davis, never change ❤️
RT @averybrockberg: what essential oil will get me a 4.0
RT @whomstvere: Me after failing a second exam in a class
RT @imskytrash: my responsibilities: hey ;) me: seen ✓
RT @jsphdeal: after some soul searching (buying clothes i don’t need) i have found that everything will be ok
RT @MizzouAdmission: Today's Dog on the Quad is Harlan! He's a Newfoundland dog who enjoys long walks around the Columns and meeting with s…
RT @ablsaint: You: Do your ting Her: *Does her Ting* You:
RT @kenziejcarp: Every time I get on Pinterest I want to chop my hair, get 5 tiny tattoos, buy a whole new wardrobe, get dedicated to exerc…
RT @crustbucketss: me uploading content to my finsta
RT @BoyYeetsWorld: Sorority girls wake up the morning of a tailgate and be like "Let's get this Brad"
RT @curledbitch: who the fuCK CHANGED THE SOUND LMAOOOO
RT @AndreAtkins80: you’re right i should skip class
RT @yergirlkate: You're stupid if you ask your guy to give up football on a Saturday like HAVE YOU BEEN TO A TAILGATE?? THERE IS FOOD AND D…
RT @jamisondvogel: It’s low key scary how girls get when Goodbye Earl comes on
RT @Cyranek: short dudes really just be walking around like / 😡\ /\
RT @CassieCothernXO: do u ever hit the juul but the juul doesn’t hit u
RT @JenAshleyWright: Me: ... No worries! Narrator: There were, in fact, many worries.
@KimberlySchaef5 gonna have to make a trip up home soon 😍🤩🤩