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RT @okay_pablo_: y = mx + it b like that sometimes
RT @connorhannigan4: *home for Christmas break* Parents: “How did the classes go this semester?” Student: “So that’s what we’re doing for…
RT @anna_zumbuhl: Got tired of having to wait for the water to boil for my Mac n cheese so I just boiled a bunch ahead of time I’m really l…
RT @goldfishbabe101: eating 3 handfuls of shredded cheese while standing in front of the fridge > preparing a nourishing and fulfilling meal
RT @_coryrichardson: santa on the boys christmas night 🤝 back in to…
RT @mogirlprobs: final exams are soup and i am a FORK
RT @ADPiMizzou: Happy Birthday to these very special November birthdays! 🎂🎉🌟
RT @Juan_abrera: Me reflecting on the semester
RT @SarahhViola: No one: Sorority girl: ✰ ✰ ✰
RT @ColIegeStudent: Me in HS: Yea I’m involved in 16 clubs, I have a 4.0, and I’m on 4 sports teams. Me in College: So good news, I’m pass…
RT @litty_tiddys: “Buying random shit isn’t a coping mechanism to your depression” Me:
RT @Geespn: If Offset can forgive Cardi B for catching him cheating, I think we all can forgive someone today.
RT @CaucasianJames: it’s almost 2019. no more crying in the shower. only yodeling
RT @taehyuie: night mode is ugly
RT @rdhwn: Vicks is just spicy Vaseline
RT @lonestfeeIs: you ever meet someone and you’re just like “how tf did anyone ever do you wrong?”
RT @_BlaineB: Alexa, Skip finals week and go straight to Winter Break
RT @ASAPAlMAA: DENTIST: Remember to floss! ME: 😔 😔 😔 / / \ \ / / ....||.........||..........||......
RT @jalebaee: thank u, next semester
RT @summerbedard: all american rejects: and truth be told i miss you me: 😔💔 all american rejects: and truth be told i’m…