maleyahh (@maleyahh)

Who wanna write meme who need the address?
basic starts today😬🤞🏼
one nine forever🤞🏼💔😢
@MyMindTweetsIt ng but hope to switch to active if the economy is better when my contract is over
@MyMindTweetsIt thats what i keep hearing!!! thanks for serving our country family!
RT @BankrollGordo: Be my peace baby
RT @sighbrattt: Once I'm over you , you can NEVER have me like you HAD me and them FACTS 🗣️‼️💯
aint nobody better than saving money than me i guarantee it😂
@MyMindTweetsIt drill sgts @ reception
@MyMindTweetsIt they told us wear the boots w it😭😭
RT @ChanceBibIe: Your girl should be your princess and your homie
everybody be coming to & sitting on my bed to talk w me lol❤️
RT @therealtatyyy: I have no fight left in me, a nigga can do them. I'm straight
let them hoes know they place
RT @ImChasingDreamz: Why did i post this? because i want people to understand that sometimes people are too prideful to value the time they…