maleyahh (@maleyahh)

age 11: trying to paint your dominant hand with your non-dominate hand
i just wish i was a few inches taller atp.🙃
@c__jango im too impatient in the heat lol i might go but thats a stretch
@c__jango i am, the rides are wack lol but the lines are gon be super long 😩
i would go to the fair but its too late. the kiddios are out of school🙄
RT @ThatBoyJordynnn: i want a tour wit brent faiyaz, daniel ceaser, HER, SZA, jhene aiko, and frank ocean or DVSN , that hoe would be a vibe
last night is def going down in history ... smh lmaooooo
RT @laurenbaker14: How much sleep you get in the military
my nini comes tmw💗
one day i’ll find that person who’s willing to do anything for me.. everything that i need from a man is free, unmaterialistic...
bro college is so expensive
i miss all the time that i wasted
RT @Bigshaud_: Having a toxic family can really fuck you up .. you gotta learn how to love from a distance
wish i could just dip in & out of earth whenever i wanted just to get away😌
my heart ain’t that big anymore
at that stage in life where i dont even wanna try to meet somebody new. just wanna stay on my shit & mind my business.
its frustrating when it seems like nobody understands you.
@_trivera so proud of u! good luck my love you’ll do great !
im really good at sensing energy.