maleyahh (@maleyahh)

RT @lmaomelanie: pretty privilege is a thing & I hope all my girls are taking advantage of it to the fullest extent
im so frustrated 🤦🏽‍♀️
RT @food50: is this a date?
RT @_faith_delila: I can’t fuck with people that don’t understand the principle of things. Yeah the situation may be small but it’s about t…
my senior drill sgt said i pump him up, huuuaaahhh😂👏🏼
RT @gdotbowie: i’m in my “you gotta prove everything you say to me” phase of my life
RT @paidsavi: when your new man does everything your old one didnt. you dont feel insecure, he reassuring you, treating you like the bomb a…
RT @kmakanaaloha: If somebody disrespect ya girl, and you dont even say shit at all to defend her, YOU A WHOOOOLE BITCH
iron soldier been my goal since i enlisted i damn for sure am gone get it. don’t forget this tweet.
RT @AkeLuv_Yhu: Y’all like Boo’d Up by Ella Mai .... But y’all not fw Lay Up? 10,000 hours ? Naked ? Switch Sider ? She Don’t ? Anymore?…
the littlest stuff will make somebody so unattractive to me. its just certain stuff i can’t do🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @_sherrronnn: I don’t care what nobody say GOOD PEOPLE get TIRED. Tired of being LET DOWN, looked over, USED, lied to etc .. It’s really…
just need somebody whos gone be down for me. respects me, is loyal to me, & is honest!
RT @BabyScur: Idc what y’all have to say. If we start a Netflix show together, it’s hella inconsiderate for you to watch without me.
im losing my voice😭
RT @ashleyaserrano: i would choose a night of movies, facemasks, & cuddling over a party ANY day
im doing so good in the army.😆 all the ncos mad im not active, can’t wait til i switch over😅