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RT @PETTYMAMII: You won’t always get closure from people who left you broken. Sometimes you have to let their actions be what ends the conn…
@HurricaneClutch only cause your chair force🤗😂
a beautiful, smart woman is dangerous.
shoot your shot but you might miss
if yall ain’t tryna love me the way this man loves his queen don’t even talk to me😂
@dinahbaby_ happy birthday twinnnn❤️🤞🏼
@dinahbaby_ thank you twinnn💛💛
@maulyfe thank you love!!!💛
@maulyfe this shit sound nice🔥🔥
@kmsselena yesssss boo😍😍
@Yogi_CapAlot thank you 😚😚
@kenyabrown4_ thanks kenny💛💛
@_trivera thanks my love💛
thank you my love💛💛
@_tmerriweather thank you cous love youuuu!❤️ idk why i can’t see your tweet in my notifications lbs
@BankrollGordo yea yea 😒 but thanks love😚
i’m high maintenance, good quality aint cheap 😚