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RT @amaditalks: What if maybe, just maybe, a birth control benefit wasn’t for (cis) men and their feelings on it don’t matter one single bi…
clearly I'm still having fun with CurePuzz despite the difficulty!
I also just realized I don't have a 3+ star blue card trained so I guess I gotta do that with Aoi? or Minami if I get a better one of her
I'll probably be repeating this process with Yukari soon
I have to apologize to Akira for how many times she lost because of my trying to train her up, but I'm excited I got a 3 star card of her
I just wanna be able to have a good 3+ star card of each color so I can use the recommended color on each level
maybe I'd have an easier time of this if I just barreled on through with one or two cards instead of training up a bunch of cards haha
there are parental features to prevent kids from buying way too much, which is good, but why would you traumatize your poor child with this
CurePuzz is shockingly difficult on certain levels. maybe that's just cuz I don't have any four star cards yet
@lawltrein yessss rancho parade!!!
@lawltrein well I do have other things to look forward to. like there's a new Adventure Zone tomorrow yeehaw
I don't know if I've been taking as good of care of myself as I lead myself to believe sometimes but I'm getting better at it
no wonder I look forward to convention weekends so much
the company offers a (fairly small amount of) bereavement time anyway, on top of vacation/sick/etc
I mean yeah it's not a bad idea but it's not like I went with them when my grandfather died, I just took maybe 20 hours to watch our dogs
I'm mad that I let my parents convince me for so long that I needed to save vacation in case something happened/someone died
I don't have anyone to go with or enough money to justify traveling anywhere but just let me rest please
sorta-kinda vacations where I just worked much shorter shifts? I took enough last year that it helped but god damn I need more already
I haven't taken an actual vacation, one where I did not go to work at all for several days, since 2014.
I need my parents to schedule their vacations so I can schedule my own and have something to look to forward to