markgoldbridge (@markgoldbridge)

Can see City and Liverpool winning every game till May😂 Apart from we'll beat them both
Not true! Apparently he went to sign but missed the paper
Can get you one in with the Arsenal fans with me. Sure they'll love us
@CFCAk 😂 so what? We were managed by Fraudinho then. Probably paid him off to win it. We were shit under him
Fake News! Hazard wouldn't be near the box. He'sd be bouncing his Beyonce booty off midfielders earning free kicks…
@hughesyboy23 Foot moves and hits opponent. That's a kick
@Ankit_THFC No...A kick without getting the ball is very different
@jakemccaffrey25 Dive is irrelevant. It's a pen because of the kick
If someone recklessly kicks you in the box it's a penalty. Check the rulebook. Doesn't matter how hard the kick is.…
@IanD2 Still a foul is my part. Defender is a prat
@Ankit_THFC You don't have to go down to get a pen😂 a foul is a foul
@GerrardEdition I don't like Liverpool and it's a pen. Check the rulebook. Foul in the box equals penalty
@Zxch_91 How? Regardless of him going down he's kicked. That's a foul. In the box. Equals pen. Check the rulebook
@DylanStronge1 Not bothered. If that's on Pogba it's a pen
@HARRYj07 Doesn't matter. The kick is a pen
@__PaulG He gets kicked. What happens after is up to him. The kick is a pen
@Goldstone_Huey_ Nah. If that's on Pogba it's a pen. I just don't let rivalry cloud my judgement
Exactly what I mean. Defender clearly kicks him and he takes advantage of it by going down. That's not a dive. It's…