marlxescxbar_ (@marlxescxbar_)

RT @YungJayy_: Fuck around and give shorty about fenty kids
I don't post what I do cause these niggaz be clones
RT @Saycheese_Media: Feds say Ralo flew into Atlanta on private plane with nearly $1million worth of Weed.. #SaycheeseTV 👄🧀
LA in August. Cool
OG supreme stuffed in a Russian creme
McNair nigga til that casket drop
If we ain't getting money if we chillen for ?
I fw ya to an extent
RT @kanyewest: be transparent as possible. Stop setting plays. Stop playing chess with life. Make decisions based on love not fear.
All these thoughts in my head keep that cup in my hand
RT @ari3ne: when you die you have : 100 brothers 200 sisters 300 bestfriends dont claim me!
Iono that hoe I act like she dead
RT @WSHHDAlLY: Lil Baby & Gunna 'Too'
Kick bac keep it playa ride w a nigga
RT @HaHaDavis: When somebody act like they high #HaHaDavis #ScootScoot
RT @1FyeLex: Let that breathe.
I hate when niggaz don't succeed I ain't ya average hater
RT @GunnaFanpage: ARE YALL READY???????? #DripHarder soon.
I wake up everyday with the mindset of minding my mf bidness and getting to the bag