marlxescxbar_ (@marlxescxbar_)

RT @HoopMixOnly: John Wall out here trying to end careers👀
If I'm wit you then I'm wit you I won't change it ain't nun of that
Stac up my money all I ever wanted
RT @Ashhthehippie: need some new books to read
RT @chesteripley: Bow Wow's delusional mind
Tryin to be cordial these niggaz be extra
RT @famouslos32: @KingJames picked up Kyrie book off the floor when he left for Boston 😂
Less niggaz around me the better I can concentrate 🙇🏽💰
RT @BR_NBA: 17 points (6/7FG, 4/5 3PT) 9 minutes The Nick Young era in Golden State has officially begun.
RT @brandonjennings: Hold my camera, I'm goin in
RT @JackedYoTweets: Happy 10/17, gotta drop this iconic vid for the culture.
RT @itsgiorgiarose: "you suck at texting" first of all i don't even wanna talk to you
A month ago I was broke I ain't eva goin bac
RT @GGYOUNGBOY: Sometimes you don’t know what to do you just fallback
RT @OnlyHipHopFacts: Young Curtis Jackson spazzing.
RT @WillBrinson: If I had Le’Veon Bell’s patience in every day life I would be an above average parent.
RT @BdotAdot5: Trash Defenders Be Like… 😒🙄 (IB: @MarcelasHoward) w/ @MaxIsNicee
You can't tell me shit I ain't new to this ❗️
RT @jpfrombaytown: if she cant take a risk & run it up wit me den ion want her