marlxescxbar_ (@marlxescxbar_)


I'm done wit money problems said fuc it cut off my patnas
My gas will knock ya out like a boxer ⛽️πŸ”₯
Ya I took a loss but I ain't lost shit
Blowin that extra perpetual ⛽️
RT @DoubleG_4eva: Iaint been Rappin I been serving ! #bac2daBasics but DaGasBaby2x on d way
Bitch I'm gassed up you can tell by my bruddas ⛽️⛽️
RT @UnhUnh_GetMoney: "Ya girls clothes is optional. All my clothing optimal. Colors stupid fruity sweet n sour skittles tropical" https://t…
RT @ThaRealIzreal: I be ducked off you'll see me when you see me
I can't wait to stay dine til I get right . I'm tryin to get me some money ❗️
@D_Slimmm Sqb Just hit me
If it ain't bout the money then why the fuc we talkin ❗️
It's all about the reup and the profit
I'm on that paper route Lil bitch ❗️
I ain't gotta thang to prove to a nigga
IDGT what you tired of ?
RT @Donta_SME2214: I hate what happened to Leon free my brother
Ballin I got the perfect form nigga πŸ€‘
Got cookie smoke all in my throat ⛽️
RT @BrodyLogan: This "Death Row DC" thing is getting out of hand, John Wall's walking to the locker room with Suge Knight…